What If Jesus Had A Marketing Team?

Jesus was the greatest brand of his time. It’s just no one really realized it. 

Except (of course), his marketing team who were behind some of his best stunts, like changing water into wine, healing the blind, and the whole thing with feeding the multitude of people with a few loaves of bread. And all this with no media buying whatsoever!

In this video an ad agency imagines what it might’ve been like if Jesus had the slick media executives and creatives that brands have now. Creatives who suggest things like, “it might be beneficial if the Savior walks on water for his next trick”, which he’s naturally a little apprehensive about.  But he’s the Lord, he can do anything.

Jesus deliberates this latest stunt and says, “But if I die doing this, you’d better bring me back to life”.  After a dramatic pause the marketing team responds, “We can do that!” ….and the rest is history.

Watch Video:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sn0G2BfloZM[/embedyt]